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   I had a stroke two years ago which left me with right sided weakness.  I had physical therapy, but it was only short term.  My balance was not good, and I was afraid of falling.  Since working with my in-home personal trainer at CUSTOM DESIGN FITNESS, my strength and balance are significantly improved.  I have more confidence that I am able to walk around without fear of falling. – Joan. Age 80.

    It’s so nice to work out right in my own living room.  I’m a bit older, and no longer able to drive.  It’s difficult to get out of the house.  I think the exercises are fun, and I know I’m much better off. Not only am I stronger, but I feel younger, too.   Fred. Age 90.


   While pregnant with my first baby, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease which caused severe joint pain and inflammation. It was virtually impossible for me to exercise because of the pain. Consequently, I gained a lot of weight. I also have hypothyroidism which doesn’t help. My physician gave me the “ok” to start an exercise regimen as long as my symptoms remained under control with my prescribed medication.  My trainer at CUSTOM DESIGN FITNESS created a program for me that is tolerable and effective.  She is also teaching me how to read food labels, and to maker better food choices.  I am well on my way to a much healthier lifestyle.  – Michelle. Age 25.


   I have always loved to play basketball.  However, my job demands a lot of travel time which has prevented me from routinely going to the gym.  I was injured last year early in the season due to the fact that I was not in shape.  My trainer at CUSTOM DESIGN FITNESS  planned an exercise program for me that I can perform at home, or in my hotel room- no heavy equipment required.   I’ve also learned how to order a healthy meal from a restaurant menu.  Now, I am back on the basketball court, and  more physically fit than 10 years ago.  – Jeff. Age 56.


   I started working out with my trainer at CUSTOM DESIGN FITNESS because my kids were pressuring me to be more active.  At first, I participated just to oblige the family, but after a couple of months, I noticed how much better I felt.  Overall, My mind is sharper, I don’t get as winded when I go shopping, it’s easier to carry the groceries, and to top it off, my clothes fit better!  – Maxine. Age 88.


   I enjoy gardening and sometimes “over do it”.  I started having intermittent bouts of low back pain.  After being cleared by my doctor, I started my training program.  At first, we did a lot of core work.  I learned how to turn, bend, and lift in a way that would not strain my back.  Today, I’m back in my garden and taking long daily walks with my dog.  – Carrie. Age 55. 




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